Exercise in Household Activities

This inforgraphic explains that to do exercises you don’t necessarily need to be in a gym setting. Some people aren’t comfortable or don’t want to exercise in a gym setting, this infographic gives examples of certain household activities that can be exercise. Vacuuming can exercise your arms and provide enough resistance to help the muscles. The same can be said for making the bed or doing laundry, doing extra arm movements can provide enough of a resistance and exercise to prevent muscular degeneration.


Use it or Lose it concept for muscles

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This infographic shows how muscle is gradually lost when the muscles are not used and the individual is inactive. After 10 days about 10% of the muscle is lost. This is prevented by consistently exercising, strength exercises in particular are excellent for this. Strength exercises focus on the muscles and increase and maintain muscle mass thus limiting and stopping muscle loss.

Research study shows that adults people over 60 need to do more resistance exercises

This infographic from LiveScience.com shares information from a variety of research sources and tells that in order for older adults to age healthily they need to perform more weight lifting exercises to help retain muscle mass. It also shows the percentage of each age group that participate in these activities showing that 65+ year olds participate in them the least.